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If you are interested in doing counseling with Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc. for any reason and you are interested in how you can save money each month while reducing your overall debt, click here to fill out the Online Budget Forms. If you have already registered,
you can login and retrieve all your current information.

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc.

DMS Web provides the ability to access information and communicate with your counselor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you have registered and created an account you are able to log in and view you budget and make changes to it at any time.  If you are currently on a Debt Management Plan (DMP), you will have the ability to monitor your account any time you want. This log-on is password protected with unique password identification numbers (PINs). Clients currently on a DMP already have PINs assigned to their account and you can contact your counselor at any time to receive it. The data passed back and forth is encrypted to keep sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals so you can feel safe and secure anytime you look at your information.

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If you are currently participating in a debt management plan with Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc., please enter your client id and PIN in the boxes above so you can view or update your personal information, payment history, and current debts. You can also access our reference library of information for our clients.

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